What does the term lifehack mean to you? And have you heard of mindhacks?

There's a very popular site called Lifehacker, that you might want to get a gander of if you don't already "hack." While it's mainly tech hacks, there are occasional hacks of other sorts.

So a lifehack is some kind of shortcut that you can use to get ahead in life. It may involve tasks that can be done in an easier or quicker fashion, it might be a software package that helps you monitor a part of your work that allows you to get closer to Tim Ferris's 4-hour work week. (4-hour work day, maybe…) And a mind hack is simply a way to supercharge or hack your mind into doing things better, quicker, or sometimes in parallel with a 2nd task.

Okay, so after all that preamble, there is really only one life hack that comes to mind that I practice daily, and it wasn't from Lifehacker.com.

Get up an hour earlier.

That's it, that's my main lifehack. I get up at 5:45 most mornings, every day of the week. And as I've gotten into the habit (oh, habits can also be a form of a lifehack, creating new habits that positively affect your life and progress) of getting up, literally, before the crack of dawn, I typically use this time to write. So if you notice many of my posts coming in around 7am (why would you notice that?) it's because I've been reading and writing since 6-ish.

A lifehack I'd like to add, is yoga. How about adding 15 minutes of yoga, EVERYSINGLEDAY, as I'm waiting for my coffee to brew and my mind to begin firing on all cylinders? That would be a perfect lifehack. No added time requirements. Great benefit. Action required, commitment and motivation to "just do yoga."

Also of note, delicious.com might be the best tech/mindhack there is. Imagine a repository for every link you ever want to refind. And then imagine it's tagged and stored in the cloud so you can get it from anywhere. Oh and Yahoo bought them, so they ain't going anywhere. All good. Here's a sampling of my delicious tag cloud, where I send the links I want to find again.

tag cloud of my mind, courtesy of delicious

And in many ways, this link john32mac, is my extended mindmap of the web. I've been tagging and indexing topics since 2008. That's a lot of information.

What are your favorite lifehacks?
(it's not social if you don't share, lookin for some hacks in the comments please. And HERE not on facebook, if you don't mind. And no, I won't beg. Yet.)

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My "lifehacks" page: Lifehack Links (delicious is a great lifehack)

Coming tomorrow: The 8th Discipline of Social Media: Tagging with Delicious, How Do You ReFind Your Links?




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