22 Responses to The 2011 Round Up and 2012 Trends to Watch in Social Media Marketing

  1. Scott Allen says:

    Apple will have to change her license agreement before Siri will marry you. My son already asked.

    I think a big trend for 2012 is social automation — not to be spammy, just to be efficient with the things you would do anyway. If you can delegate pieces of your social activity to a VA, why can't you delegate pieces of it to a sophisticated app?  The key is to use automation to do the heavy lifting — essentially copying and pasting — but not eliminate the human context/commentary, i.e., if I want to share something on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, give me one tool to do it, but allow me to create a contextually appropriate introduction for each of them. Tools that do that reasonably well are only just now beginning to appear, and I think it'll be a hot trend in 2012.

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