I've done it. My very first day with my ebook, and I have the FIRST TOP 3 RESULTS on Google search.

Go ahead try it. Disciplines of Social Media < search this term

And even if you don't want to break away, here are the results I got two minutes ago.

Screen Shot 2011 12 01 at 2.14.41 PM Going for the One on Google Search is Just a Phrase Match Away (Own It!)

Pretty cool right? Now before you go all spammy and scammy on me, let me explain what's happening.

While Google is returning 16.9 million results, and I am number 1, 2, and 3, the fact is, I'm ranking so high because of a couple of things.

1. The phrase "Disciplines of Social Media" is not hugely popular.

2. I have written about the topic, and used the phrase a number of times over the last few months.

3. My blog has a fairly descent google page rank of 4.

4. I've done a pretty good job of putting strategic SEO tactics in place on my blog.

5. I generate a lot of new content. Google indexes my site frequently, and with my socialization and back links, Google thinks I'm a pretty good source of information. ESPECIALLY about "Disciplines of Social Media." I can assure you the phrase "social media" would produce drastically different results. I'm not a Seth Godin, or a Chris Brogan. BUT, Google thinks I'm somebody.

6. The phrase match means that the terms "disciplines" + "of" + "social" +"media" all have to show up. And the priority on the search is the exact match, meaning they are in that exact order too. For "social" + "media" +"disciplines" in that order, I show up at #2, and that's it. It's a much more crowded field. Social Media Disciplines < search this term

So here's the quick takeaway: When you are looking for blog posts and titles that will do well in Google, check out how popular and thus competitive hot phrases will be. And then try and OWN a unique phrase. And not by spamming the term and overloading pages and posts with the term, but by creating valuable content, that people will share and tweet about. And if it works, keep writing about that topic, keep using that phrase.

And as it happened with me, the first 10 Disciplines of Social Media were enough for an [ebook]. And as that shares around perhaps my authority on this phrase will grow. And who knows, maybe Chris Brogan and I will be speaking together at the next SXSW Interactive, in Austin.

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