Screen Shot 2012 02 27 at 5.45.24 AM The Only Consulting Offer You Should Read: Cost = Nearly Free; Value = PricelessSure I like to eat, but this isn't about the food. It's about business. Your business and my business. My dance card is still a bit slim going into leap day and I'd like to meet you and talk about your business and the whole spectrum of online marketing opportunities that could contribute to your success. And there's no cost for our initial meeting, other than a lunch or cup of coffee.

So here's the offer.

1. Let me know when you are available for a meeting. (Breakfast, Morning Coffee, Lunch, Afternoon Coffee, Late Afternoon Coffee)

2. Include some information about your business and online marketing (www, facebook, twitter, yelp)

3. I will respond with several times and options. (Again this is not about the food.)

4. I will bring my Uber-SWOT analysis and an interested and energized mind to your business goals.

5. We will brainstorm and plan out as many ideas as we have time for.

6. You pick up the check and the Uber-SWOT analysis and strategy session are free.

That's it. I'm looking to pay forward some of the great mentoring I've received by giving away some mentoring of my own. There is no catch. That's it.

Here's the FORM or my email address.

If I can make it any easier, or any more attractive let me know. And I look forward to meeting you soon.


@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

Here are the two posts that got me to this point:

(1) THE Biggest Mistake In Social Media Marketing: Not Asking for the Business
Now I need to give that solution, or the framework for that solution, to you for free. Well, in exchange for your email address. You can opt-out if you like, but without contact, I'll never know you were here other than that blip on Google Analytics.

(2) The Social Economy: I'm Trying to Give It Away, What's the Problem? (So Is Everyone Else)
And perhaps the problem is this: Everybody is giving it away. The Hubspots and Chris Brogans of the world are fishing in the same waters as I am with much larger nets and more powerful offers. So how can I take it personal? What can I do to localize my offer that the big boys can't do?

Other posts about kicking ass in social media:

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Sharing is nice for everyone.

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