Screen Shot 2012 02 17 at 6.23.41 AM Close of Business Rituals: End Your Week and Reset for Whats Next

Either Friday before you leave work or Sunday before you go to bed, teeing up your next week is a good practice. Here are few steps that will close out the work week with a satisfactory CLICK and set you up for success in the week to come.

1. Inbox Zero – get the todo list of your inbox emptied. GTD shows us that there are just four things to do with any task: 1. do it; 2. delegate it; 3. delete it; 4. schedule it for the future. By clearing your inbox you're ready to receive the next flood of activities and tasks without being bogged down by the stuff from last week.

2. Browse and close all your LinkedIN activities. If you have Link requests, either do them or delete them. If you need to make some new requests of your own, this is a good time to spend a few minutes inviting a former colleague to connect. Or better yet, writing a recommendation for a former colleague, unsolicited. Won't that be a nice surprise to start their Monday morning?

3. Close out your calendar items and set any appointments for next week. If you didn't get a todo item done, either move it to the coming week, commit to  doing it over the weekend, give it to someone else, or get rid of it.

4. Update profiles on all networks. Have you had any significant changes in your projects or career? It might be nice to let your network know what you are up to. Does that profile picture on Twitter still have your halloween costume? Might be a good time to simplify on something professional across the board. There are a lot of networks to keep up with these days, so simplifying your profile (bio, pic, references) can really make things easier to manage.

5. Simplify your infofeeds. Unsubscribe to emails your simply ignore or delete. Review the newsletters and white papers in your INBOX and unsubscribe to the ones that don't truly feed your goals.

6. Set the BIG THREE for next week. What are your UBER GOALS? How will your activities move you closer to the BIG changes or BIG advances you want to make in you life. This can be personal, professional, and even spiritual. But you have to set them to actually be able to focus clearly on them. I like to set THREE goals for the week. I will write them down on a fluorescent index card and keep it in my pocket. If I ever get confused about my priorities, I will pull out that card and reset. Just the act of writing down your BIG THREE will help bring more focus to your activities.

7. Let go. Release what you did not get done. Set goals for what you want to get done. And then give yourself an internal round of applause. You're doing the best you can. And beyond that, you just pick up the goals again, as the next week begins and do it all over again. Make sure you're not carrying resentment towards yourself or others for what has not gotten done. The attitude is up to you.

The attitude is up to you. Set yourself up for a great week.

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