I don't know, kinda like Windows 8. What's the point. I'm already seeing posts about IE 10. Seriously?

Screen Shot 2012 03 12 at 12.49.43 PM Best Viewed Using Internet Explorer 9? Why Internet Explorer? < The Net Dont Forget

Okay, so then clicking on the CTA to check out IE9: this screen just went on and on and on… It's probably still going on a TAB in my Chrome browser. The biggest question I have, is asked on their navigation bar below. "Why Internet Explorer?"

*watch this video directly on YouTube: IE9 Waiting & Waiting

I don't know, if someone "designed" a page to WORK in IE, it probably sucks in the other *modern* browsers. So who would design specifically for IE? Um, a Microsoft sponsor, perhaps. Hopefully this is just an ad and not something that they have done to this page to KILL IT IN ALL NON-IE BROWSERS, like MSFT used to do. But that was just a skirmish over Java. Thank goodness the marketshare has shifted against IE. Welcome to the real world Microsoft, it's about OPEN and HONEST technology.

I'm mostly sorry the LIVE STREAMING from SXSW is not working at the moment. I really wanted to hear Tim O'Reilly.

My little post on why Anything But IE is a good thing: New Web Design Standards: Flexible-Width and non-IE Browsers Abound

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