Update 6-13-12: I put my hands on this amazing new machine today at the Apple store. All I can say now, is I need to save the additional $600. This machine is a game changer. It's not just that it's going to set the definition for high-end computing for the next 2 -3 years, it's the display. You won't believe how much real estate you can get on that screen. It blows away the pixel width on my 27" screen. Simply stunning. But, just like the "New" iPad, if you don't get it, you don't get it. Today, holding this thin and light sliver of aluminum in my hand, I GOT IT. And now I've got to have it. Perhaps my BMW analogy below is a bit off the mark. Ferrari is probably closer to the mark.

Today Apple announced their new MacBookPro line-up. And brought a new "almost-air" MBP into the mix. Referred to as the MacBook "Prayer" not because Apple needs a hail mary, but because the top-end Ultrabooks from every other manufacturer just got put on life support. In anticipating the new line-up I have been limping along on my dual-core i5 with 8 gigs of ram. And today I get to make a choice between MORE POWER and MORE POWER and SEXY. Is it worth the additional $600?

Screen Shot 2012 06 11 at 3.07.12 PM Apple MacBookPros for 2012   Introducing the PR Air or prayer

view larger version on slideshare.net: Comparing the new 2012 MacBookPros.

If money were no object, the PR-AIR is the ticket. IF you are willing to have most of your stuff on external hard drives. For my money… well, I'm still conflicted.

Make no bones about it, this is a fetish object that starts at $2,199. People don't go around complaining that BMW's are too expensive, do they? The point is, Apple has put together a HUGE display and a very flexible laptop. If you are okay with untethering a large portion of your data (256 gigs of flash-drive storage) and having to connect an external cd-dvd drive, well, the PR-AIR might be the ticket for you.

Unfortunately I don't have the 3k in the fun money account that would allow me to jump at the new machine. But I won't be upgrading to the 15" either. I want to see the display and touch the new machine. You can only get so much from the videos.

No matter how you slice it, Apple has put all high-end Ultrabooks on notice. Where everyone was trying to be the Air-killer, now Apple has introduced a new class of high-end machine. And they will take the high-road, and the high-margin products right to the bank, while Dell/HP/Acer/Sony/Toshiba all struggle to find and justify their price points relative to each other. Apple has just placed a machine in a new class. Don't call it an ultrabook, please.

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