We've got resources all over the planet with various expertise. The problem is no longer the collaboration software, or systems. There are fewer barriers today to creating a new global AND virtual marketing agency. What's lacking is the connections, the trust network, the brainpower to figure out how to wire up the systems from end-to-end and start doing business.

Here's my roadmap. What am I missing? What other obstacles are in our way? What are the resources we have in abundance here in Austin, Texas, that may not be available globally? And what about the billing rates? Is outsourcing "everything" really the best option?

Screen Shot 2012 06 19 at 8.19.25 PM Going Global and Going Virtual: Are You Ready for Whats Next in Agency Models?

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I've got the toolbox and the skills. I know some people and you know some people. What's next?

It's probably easy to write this post off as philosophical or theoretical thinking. But I believe the tools for connecting us in a fundamentally new way, are almost free. The possibilities boggle the mind when you start digging in and trying to figure it out.

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