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This morning I woke a bit before dawn and heard a happy band of neighborhood coyotes cackling and howling down near the lake. I was reminded of the cats and small dogs who's "LOST" posters show up with some regularity. And what occurred to me was a variation of a Reshad Feild phrase, "There is no time to slay the coyote, the coyote is your friend."

Without a plan and a map you can be overtaken by the coyotes either as pray or newly inducted follower. So what are the tools and maps that will get you along *your* chosen path? If you don't have a map for the year ahead, chances are that's where you will end up with the coyotes as food or servant.

Plan Plan Plan

Career Path Template: It Is That Time of Year Again
So here's a short course in why you need to go to college and an outline of some of the skills you will develop there.

Writing a Plan for Your Future – A Career Path Template from Boxes and Arrows
My most popular post, ever, and I didn't even write the core of it. But goal setting is a big part of understanding the map you need to create for yourself.

Social Media Strategist Notes: You Blog, Right? Tell Me Why Not Again – Career Path Planning
Are you thinking about starting a blog? Are you working, leading, exploring social media as a career? Okay. So if I Google your name, or your Twitter ID I'm going to find… what exactly?

Always Be Learnin

Collaborate Well

Online Collaborator's Toolkit: The Sharing Tools You Need to Web It Up!
The tools you need to collaborate and work with others across the great web divide.

The 7 Connective Practices of a Tribe – How To Build and Support Shared Plans
Building Your Tribe of Support: 1: event; 2: affirmation; 3: effort; 4: commitment; 5: fearlessly forward; 6: be positive; 7: self-reflection.

Critical Path Strategies: How Are You Getting Things Done? What Are You Cutting Out?
Critical path, is the minimum string of events that have to happen in order for a desired result to be achieved.

The Six Pillars of Online Reputation and Brand Management
Social Media might be a buzz word, but one thing it is not is a get rich quick scheme. Those trying to use it as such are quickly dropped, unfollowed and unfriended. So what makes up a good social profile?

How Energized is Your Referral Network? "I've Got Someone for You."
The only other phrase that is more powerful in business is, "How can I help." And wouldn't you know it, the "offshoring" connector said that phrase too. And he was not plumbing for business.

16 Ideas to Define Your Social Media "Thought Leadership"
What is "thought leadership?" How does someone become a thought leader? One of my mentors told me, "It's all about how you share the information. Are you sharing it to teach people, or to hear yourself?"

Additional Resources – Beyond

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Final Thought

"There is no time to slay the coyote, the coyote is your friend."

How Social Media Can Change Your Business – Social Media Strategist Notebook (MLK 2012)

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