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Here's the pitch: You don't need a lot of time with an experienced search and social marketing specialist. A couple hours here and there, and we're off to the races. And today I'm announcing the launch of my two Micro-Agencies.

Fluent Social: creates strategic marketing plans to integrate all of your marketing efforts by linking and winning on all the social media networks. If you're in business, social media can have a positive impact on your bottom line. It's more than setting up a Twitter and Facebook account. But the basics are simple and fairly inexpensive. I'll give you your first PLAN for free.

Fluent Search: SEO and Search Engine Marketing is a fairly well defined science. There is not much magic to it, but it is easy to make big mistakes and spend money on things that are not generating ROI. We've got the science down, after managing monthly accounts ranging from $250 to $10,000, we're pretty certain we've worked out the system. Now we are ready to put the winning search strategy in place for you. We'll even do a Free AdWords audit for your business.

My primary goal is to continue to offer the consulting services that I have for five years. But now I want to give  you more simple and definable packages, transparent billing, and performance-based compensation. If you don't think we're doing a great job, we'll give your check back.

When you hire my services through either of the Fluent brands you are getting my experience and expertise. And you are paying for nothing else. See why agencies contract with me to build and manage social media programs. Use the best practices and senior leadership I've honed over years of working in the trenches with businesses just like yours.

I don't write and evangelise social media and search marketing because I think they are cool. I am passionate about what I do, because I see the results. And while I can't show you the Google Analytics of my clients, I can show you how to make your website perform better and give you quantifiable results from your advertising and marketing budgets.

And if you're working for an agency, no sweat, I have several agency clients who hire me direct. (references on request)

I began in 2008, with the intention of giving away the marketing and social media lessons as I learned them. And I've been committed to that goal ever since. I live my own principles, test my own assumptions, and try and deliver the better answer to you, here.

Now, I'm ready to go direct.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

Note: Why two agencies, why not just Fluent Services? The models and packages for the two types of services are different. We are happy to combine both Search and Social marketing strategies for your business. But often companies only need one, or think they only need one type of online marketing. We're fine with that. And we want to make the two offers very distinct and clear.

A few collected resources for your social media marketing success:

The Digital Strategist's Notebook – best of marketing posts for small business

Working Facebook – can you make Facebook marketing pay off?

The Twitter Way – learning Twitter is tough, but here are some guidelines and how-tos

The Other Networks: Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ / lessons and learnings

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