5 Responses to Google Analytics for Online Marketing in Less Than 2 Minutes

  1. jmacofearth says:

    Not exactly. GA has plenty of filters that are in-place to preserve their adsense pricing and click fraud. For those of us with smaller traffic profiles, we often lose a lot of "reads" do the GA numbers beast. The analytics codes are working fine, and Webmaster Tools shows no errors.

  2. Tim Flint says:

    So you know that they are coming but GA doesn't register that they were on the site at all? That is called an analytics issue:).

    Likely your analytics are not properly installed on the page. Or they analytics code is taking to long to load causing you to not register a visit.

  3. jmacofearth says:

    Hey Tim, what is it called, (a legitimate question) when the visitor stays less than 5 seconds and GA doesn't even register the visit?

  4. jmacofearth says:

    Thanks Tim, you are correct, I think I'll add a note on the video in that section. 

  5. Tim Flint says:

    Just to clearify, in google analytics a bounce in not someone who was on the site for less than 10 seconds it is a visitor who came to the site and viewed one page then left. They could leave by hitting the back button, typing a new url, clicking on an external link on the page, etc.

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