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If you've encountered a 404 or missing file related to marketing, promotions, seo, social marketing, etc, it has been moved to the new Academy site. While the dust is still settling over there, we're in the process of restructuring all the content, it's still free and searchable. Please check it out.

We've taken all the marketing and company exposés offline to the ActiveMedia's Social Media Academy. Our focus in the coming years here on UBER.LA will be tech gadgets (Apple Watch, iPhone, BMW i3) and current tech opinion (Dell, IBM, Apple, Android, Google).

Search the Social Media Academy for the missing file. If you still don't find what you were looking for please email me directly, perhaps I can prioritize getting your requested information up on the new site. Email me directly at jm32austin (at) gmail (dot) com

Join us.

Get all the content for free over the next several weeks as we transition to the new ACADEMY.



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