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I've had several successful political/activism websites over the years. I am not sure if I'm done with all that, but I am no longer hosting any of them. I do have a fairly active Facebook political community called 99Voices that was born on the same day as 99stickers. Both were started when I created a sticker idea in response to Occupy Wall Street.


I had no idea what to do with my little idea so I made stickers and gave them away. I no longer have the time to do this. I do still believe in political activism and the need for our voices to be heard above the fray of the media. Here are two banners that have flown on the Facebook page.




I do believe we need the majority voices in this country to stand up for what's fair, just, and unbiased by the 1% elite who have controlled the government thought money and lobbyists, and the masses through the media and Orwellian Fox News. Today when I posted a comment on the Supreme Court announcement, saying that we needed single-payer options now. My comment got a viral like going. I couldn't really use Facebook as the LIKES were coming in so fast. Here's a brief capture of this activity.

Speak your mind. Speak your voice. And lets keep fighting to get money out of politics and the people's voices heard.


John Oakley McElhenney – Austin, TX, USA, Earth

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