UPDATE 4-7-18: If you’re reading this it means my migration to the bigger/faster/more-robust servers is complete. I’ll be watching like a hawk for downtime. Just glad to be back. As a writer, having my entire online empire down was hard.

UPDATE 4-6-18: More down time. 6 hours yesterday. I paid for an upgraded server, but the migration will take a few days. In that time I’m exporting UBER.LA to the Google Cloud servers to see if that doesn’t lessen the load on all my other accounts. Success is a bitch.

UPDATE 4-1-18 April Fools Day:

At any time of day this error is unacceptible. It means my “unlimited plan” has hit it’s limits. And the rules are a bit tricky once that happens.

This morning I have not been able to get a new domain launched as part of my empire building. So I reached out to A2 Hosting for support again.

I was told that I had overdrawn my resources. At 8:00 on a Sunday morning? As I understood it, my “resource limits” were related to real-time SQL calls, when my promotional work using Twitter would upset the overall resource load for my shared hosting plan. I was bringing the entire server down with my hyper-socialization of uber.la. Okay, I can understand a temporary outtage. But this morning, it seemed the support tech was telling me I was limited because of my overall limits. She seemed to say that I was still being throttled because of my resource usage of the day before, or the day before that? Is my “limit” on my “unlimited plan” cumulative?

Dear A2,

I love you, I promote you, I sell you to my clients. But it seems like we’ve hit a place where your server offerings are just not as robust as you’d like us to believe. I was told I could upgrade to their next-level hosting, but it uses Plesk as the server manager and I’m not interested in migrating away from c-panel which I know and love. Then I was told I could jump all the way up to their VPN servers and that the prestige package would be what I needed for the kind of traffic I was generating.

Um, that’s $554 per year. That seems a bit high. Verses my unlimited shared plan.

Or $111 per year.

So I’m looking at WP Engine (the leading WordPress hosting environment) as well as Google Cloud Hosting.

Yes, it’s true Google Cloud Hosting is unmanaged. And that means there is no A2 Support service to call when things go wrong. But with the luck I’ve had over the last 10 days, I think I’ll take my chances.

Once again, it’s your move A2. You’ve got over 30 hosting, web hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting, unmanaged hosting packages. It seems to me, if you can’t find a niche for me, that doesn’t double my price… Well, perhaps that’s your issue, not mine.

And this message came in tonight:

Um, yeah, A2, six hours is not okay. And here’s what the tech said about my Mar. 31 and Apr. 1 issues. I’m not sure what my “virtual chrons” are or how many I should be having per site, but I’m hoping A2 is going to tell me.


UPDATE 5 Days Later: I have not had any A2 contact regarding this post. That’s odd. A VP of Sales named Brian reached out last time to make things right, so I would not migrate off A2. Well, today Google gave me 12-months free cloud hosting.

google cloud hosting - google cloud and wordpress

I’m guessing this is going to be a lot faster than a shared hosting account from a small-time hosting provider like A2. Ho hum. I believe Google is going to put the magic in the word “cloud.” The only other game in town is AWS (Amazon Web Services). And WP Engine, but they are really expensive. 12-months free is pretty cheap. (grin)

Again, I’m on tech support chat with Lola W from earlier this morning. And here’s the dialogue I’ve been having for 10+ days.

Yes, A2, let’s find success and speed together.

+++ Original Post +++ March 20, 2018.

Here we go again.

Over the last few days I’ve been blowing up my “unlimited” plan on A2 Hosting again. And Charles D was my responder tonight. He told me what I already knew.

Charles then suggested I optimize my site, my WordPress install, and content. The real problem is I have a fairly large social media footprint, and with a few tweets I can overwhelm the A2 shared hosting platform. And that’s the problem. When I tweet to 15,000+ followers and 10% of them are actually interested humans, rather than bots, my site traffic jumps, and even the TURBO version of A2’s web hosting package is overwhelmed.

Here’s what the A2 web hosting homepage looks like.

Notice the overuse of the word “unlimited.”

There is actually are a very hard limit to the number of SQL calls a shared server client can handle. And even with the Turbo account, which seemed to mitigate the problem over the last few years. But this week, my popularity began to grow, and my sites came crashing down repeatedly.

And I am about to embark on a new PR and promotional campaign to drive traffic to one of my sites. What can I do to alleviate this issue before I spend any money promoting sites that go down after 3 – 4 tweets? Do I have to schedule out my sharing now, and limp along with a Turbo hosting package that is not so fast?

I’m interested to see what A2 has in mind this time. Because when this happened over the weekend and during the business day, the queue on the Live Chat Support service was 10 – 15 clients deep, or 30 minutes of waiting before I could “chat” with someone. And if my site is down the entire time… Obviously this is an issue.

Dear A2,

Do I have to migrate to WP Engine to handle the SQL load a few powerful Twitter accounts can generate? Is there a way to buy more SQL cycles? What is beyond Turbo? Can’t you host me the way I want to be hosted? Or charge me whatever you’re going to charge me, but fix the dang problem?

I await your response here on my WordPress site on your Turbo hosting package. The same package I recommend to most of my clients.

A2 Responds via the support ticket system 6-days later:

Our social media liaison mentioned your article to me and the desire to get some extra help here. I’ve read your blog post and past support tickets and I can see that you are simply hitting the resource limits. All of our shared hosting packages are container based meaning there is a set allocated max amount of memory and other resources that your account can consume. This prevents any single website from consuming so much power that the entire server is taken offline. The limits are on the account level so once reached all websites on your account will show errors.

It sounds like your response from your tweets is just driving more traffic to the site than it can handle. The only two ways to fix that is to further optimize if possible or upgrade to a larger package. You are already using the largest shared hosting plan that we provide, so the next step in terms of power would be one of our VPS products.

Um… Yeah, $46 per month.

Here’s what Google Cloud Hosting services is offering.

And they are going to give me 12 months free to see how I like it.

Take Care Out There,

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