The other day, Apple replaced my bricked Apple Watch. No hassles, just a new watch to reconfigure and pair with my phone. Nice.

I’m still amazed by a few of the tasks that are hard to accomplish. For example:

  1. I’m always tapping to open an app, the icon bumps and should open but it doesn’t. I know it’s not the pressure. Maybe my fat fingers, but… The icon jumps as if I had selected it, but the app does not open. Frustrating.
  2. Glances are hard to find. You’d think they’d make it easier to find certain features on your watch. One of the “Glances” I am constantly trying to open is the Heart Beat Monitor. But I can’t find it. I should be able to swipe one direction or another to bring up Glances. (I’m going to have to watch a damn video to learn how to access the most common “glances” on my Apple Watch? #FAIL
    UPDATE: To Uber.la How to access Glances on the Apple Watch you swipe up when the clock face is showing. Why not when the damn apps are showing too! UX fail!
  3. Some security setting between my phone and my Apple Watch says it cannot sync the health data. I keep going back to the phone, the Apple Watch App settings, the iPhone settings, and I still can’t figure out what is no set to ALLOW.
  4. Phone calls on the watch are awful. If you think looking like Dick Tracy is cool, and you’re in a very quiet environment, maybe… But to me the phone alert is not an opportunity to answer it through the watch. Maybe if I hook up my bluetooth headphones, I’d think differently.
  5. Why aren’t there more apps ready for Apple Watch integration? What’s the hold up on a Facebook App?
  6. Asking Siri for help provides ZERO help. I have tried in every way to get her to help me open Glances or the Heart Monitor. She refuses. Saying I don’t have an app called Glances or an app called Heart Rate Monitor.

All in all, the watch is still cool and very useful in telling time and responding to texts. And the health data it’s going to be able to provide, once I figure out how to get it all talking and syncing correctly… That’s going to be cool.

But right now I can’t figure out how to open the Heartrate monitor glance so I can watch my resting rate go up as I’m more and more frustrated with my Apple Watch.

Several Meta-Apple-Watch Observations:

  1. The watch IS an amazing feat of engineering.
  2. Health and Wellness information on our phones is a big deal, the Apple Watch adds ongoing heart rate monitoring so you can watch your physical improvements even if you’re not specifically trying to use it for that.
  3. Responding to our daily mobile communications is a lot of texts and emails. The Apple Watch is great for texts, fair for emails and awful for phone calls.
  4. The Apple Watch as a platform for developing the next killer mobile app is defacto. They have sold more than all other smart-watches combined in less than 3 months.

Apple’s engineering has pulled another rabbit out of it’s hat. The smart-watch will be ubiquitous in a few years, like the fitness bands are today. But with the Apple Watch you’ve got everything else AND a fitness band, with a heart rate monitor. What we are going to do with it, that’s another story. One I am hoping to have a hand in as well. The watch is a new platform, like the iPhone and the iPad before it. Everything is changing in the mobile space with the development and adoption of this new device.

It’s not MORE intrusion and MORE tethering. The Apple Watch allows the same amount of connectivity with less interruptions. I love being able to ignore an incoming call or email without having to pull out my phone.

Next up: THE ESSENTIAL APPLE WATCH GUIDE (All the things I’ve learned to love and hate about the Apple Watch.)

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)
permalink: http://uber.la/2015/06/apple-watch-reboot-day-one/

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