I will pay top dollar for the best phone and best computer on the market. Watch? Um, try again, Apple.

Um, wait a minute. I loved Apple’s new iPhone announcements today. And I loved that Tim Cook used the old Steve Jobs line, “Oh, and one more thing…” to introduce the beautifully architected Apple Watch… but…

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.06.09 PM

This is the one I wanted. Not something that looks like a watch. And this was cute, but at $345 I doubt many of them will be sporting this interface.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.10.42 PM

Although with Disney as one of the first #applepay sponsors I’m sure they owe some back scratching. And there are plenty of hipsters.

Okay, so the Apple Watch (not iWatch, thank you) was a bit of a bust. An amazing unknown at this point. A bit of smoke and mirrors and shipping early 2015. I love Jony Ivy and the design is spectacular, but it’s not my FuelBand(tm).

Okay, so let’s talk about the iPhones. Or not.

Faster. Bigger. Much bigger. And much faster. It’s really the new design that’s going to get most of us moving up the chain and passing our older “outdated” models to our kids. My iPhone 5 does everything I need it to do. Sure faster would be a convenience. And larger, but I don’t really want to watch movies on my phone. And the iPhone 6 Plus is really a phablet. I don’t want to make calls off my iPad Mini, but that’s just me.

I will probably get a new phone in Nov. when my contract with ATT runs out. But I won’t be upgrading because the phone is that much better, but because the new form will be the Ferrari of phones for the next year. And sure, Samsung has some amazing phones, and sure “Android has done everything the new iPhones do for years…” but one is an iPhone with the entire Apple iOS system and all the others are something else.

I’ve had my Android experience and I don’t ever need to go back. Apple’s slogan of “It simply works.” is a good one. If you’ve spent any time configuring your Android phone you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, you’ve obviously not had an Android phone. Sure, there are going to be tinkerers, but I’m not one of them. And sure there are going to be Apple haters saying how un-innovative anything Apple is…

But then go take a look at the amount of free press Apple got today on their announcements and let me know of any other company in the world that can create a world event with a product announcement.  And then name for me one other company today, besides Samsung that even has a phone in the market that people care about.

People care about the iPhone because it works. They care about the Mac because it integrates with their phone and everything else around them. When it comes to phones and computers I can afford to own the best technology on the planet. In any other category it’s harder to manage. And we’d have to argue about what company is simply the BEST. With phones and computers (fanboy alert) there is no argument.

UPDATE June 2015: I gave in. I saw my first Apple Watch and then I had to have one. Here are my reviews so far.

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