Well, announced is a bit much. But Lynda.com just announced a kickass programming for the Apple Watch track. And I’m in.

Except I’m out until my My Apple Watch is Dead. (DAMN!)

Using the powerful interface of SIRI(tm) you can now ask your Apple Watch questions like:

  • What the fuck? Why is my watch showing Cupertino time?
  • Heart rate monitor? WTF?
  • Where’s the damn button for asking Siri a question, Siri.

And the new WTF app will intercept Siri’s normally snarky replies for such troubleshooting requests with actual helpful information. Like.

  • You moron, did you throw away the manual? Watch this training video LINK.
  • Heart rate, how fast your heart is beating. Click to set the Emergency Notification option that alerts you when your heart stops.
  • CUP time is the only time for an Apple product. Would you like me to help you set the time to some other location?

We’ve started a KICKSTARTER campaign to fund this amazing new app. (No we haven’t.) And we really only need about $5,000 for the Lynda subscription and a bunch of Apple Watches that we’re going to give away at launch, so people have a place to download and use our app.

Best of all, the APP is going to be FREE. We’ve got no idea how we’re going to make money, but in the App business that’s not always the most important thing. Oh, and of course we’ve got t-shirts on the way. You’ve got to have a killer t-shirt, even if the company sucks.

Stay Tuned, we’re sure you’re going to need our app if you venture into Apple Watchlandia.

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)
permalink: http://uber.la/2015/06/applewatchlandia-app/

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