Google’s about to take on the cable industry. Are you ready to buy your TV from Google? I was sharing a video from YouTube today and this ad popped up at the bottom of my browser window.

What? First Google/YouTube needed to check if my area was served by their programming.

Or perhaps they were simply pulling up the available add-ons. I’m sure most of the other BIGGIES will follow ShowTime’s lead here. Because if it catches on, YouTube.TV might be the best reason to ditch cable.

And then it was time to BUY NOW. Um, wait, what? Nothing now, but my trial is going to be 43.30 after taxes, after 7 days? Okay I’m going to hold off for a minute. There’s nothing on TV that I want to watch right now. But I’ll put up my review of YouTube TV soon.


Are you ready to get everything from Google? Tell us about your experience with YouTube TV in the comments section.

Started my trial today, May 1, 2018. Must remember to cancel subscription before my trial is over. So far, yes, now I can waste time watching TV without having a TV. Will I really want to watch Colbert as it airs? Can I watch it air in NYC so it comes on an hour ealier than here in Texas? Can I use a VPN to spoof my location to be NYC so I can watch it an hour early?

So far, commercials are the same. And since I don’t watch much TV I feel like I can catch up on those. How’s the Amazon/Whole Foods Combo striking ya?

Be careful out there, and practice safehex.

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