I know you think I’m jumping the shark on this… but hear me out.

fail on candy crush

If you play Candy Crush (and most of you do) you will FAIL repeatedly.

CC LESSON 1: Learn to fail and cheerfully move along to the next try.



CC LESSON 2: Sometimes, no matter how well you “play” or how “good you are,” the game is random and will start with an unwinnable board. In life, there are unwinnable situations. I often wish Candy Crush had an abort game option, but it doesn’t. Sometimes you just need to play out the hand. Even if you can see you are not going to win, you still have to finish the game.

CC LESSON 3: The game hints are often not the best play. After a few moments of hesitation, Candy Crush will offer you a hint of what to play. But don’t be fooled into thinking the “game” is trying to help you “win.” The game is randomized and doesn’t have the logic to help you win. So when CC gives you a hint, don’t automatically make that move, look around, see what other options might help your game more.

CC LESSON 4: The magic pieces are the key to winning at the harder levels. Some of the boards seem to be created to be impossible. Of course, they are not, since we’ve heard of people who are on level 136 and up. SO, there are levels that are harder and more frustrating than others. But the magic pieces can clear the board even when they seem impossible.

CC LESSON 5: Learning to appreciate the impossible. Sometimes on the “impossible” levels suddenly open up (usually through the magic pieces) and you win with 10 extra steps. So even when things look impossible, you might hit unexpected magic pieces that unlock unexpected WINS.

CC LESSON 6: It’s the journey not the WIN that keeps us playing. I noticed today, on a very hard (maybe impossible) level that I was not worried about finishing the level at all. When I started over and saw the 50 moves, I was stoked. Lots more explosions and opportunity for the crush magic.

I don’t have any tips on helping you WIN Candy Crush, and I can’t condone addictive playing of CC. Oh, and that brings me to the final lesson.

CC LESSON 7: When you run out of lives, go do something else. When I first got into CC, the lives was a great gatekeeper. When I ran out of lives I simply quit playing and returned to what I was “supposed” to be doing. It was easy to let myself jump into CC when I knew the game would eventually kick me back into the real world.

The MICRO-WIN: When the game has to reset the board because you have eliminated all the matches. WIN!

I hope you can let go and let Candy Crush work it’s magic. Learn that live has many game-like aspects, and CC is no different in being able to give you the primary gaming gifts.

1. Perseverance.

2. Randomness drives more than we know.

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