High-Demand WordPress Hosting: A2’s “Unlimited” Package Limits My Site

Over the last few days I’ve been blowing up my “unlimited” plan on A2 Hosting again. What does “unlimited” mean? And how come I keep blowing up my SQL limits even on the Turbo Hosting package? Is it WordPress?

LinkedIn is Dead

The once proud LinkedIn has passed the threshold of being a useful social media network. It is now simply a place to keep and update your public resume. It’s amazing to see how Microsoft has killed the golden goose so quickly. By first making the page and interface more like Facebook, they might have gone […]

Apple’s Stock is Falling, But Don’t Worry

Yes, the iPhone growth has plateaued. And Apple’s stock is falling. But here’s a little note about why you shouldn’t be panicking. The iPhone growth rates were stupidly high – since the release of the iPhone it has broken all sales records The iPhone 7 is faster, but doesn’t really offer a new “must have” […]

The Lightning Cables You Need

Tired of buying an endless stream of Lightning cables for you iPhone? I’ve got two amazing buys that are worth a look. While I don’t endorse any product or accept any advertising on Uber.la (Thanks Google Adwords!) I do have these recommendation for replacing the worst cable design in my memory. http://amzn.to/2bMGfYH And I know what […]

Reconsidering the Purpose of my Apple Watch

So I’ve been a bit disillusioned of my 38mm Apple Watch lately. (I’d Sell My Apple Watch, But… I’m Still Dreaming of a Killer App) This morning after writing the scathing review of the LINK I had a slight epiphany. I loved playing with the Apple Watch faces. And while the palette is somewhat limited, you […]

I’d Sell My Apple Watch, But… I’m Still Dreaming of a Killer App

I know what the killer app will be on my Apple Watch. Heck, Apple has gotten half-way there with the Fitness app. But it’s not quite right. Here’s what I think the killer app would be with this first rev of the Apple Watch. (I have the 38mm sport version.) The real training app for […]

My Dumb Apple Watch: A Pet Peeve

Apple’s insistence on being innovative over practical is a Apple Watch Killer. I am surrounded by iPhones and lightning chargers with no way to charge my Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: Finding Glances and Crashing Apps

I’m going to show you one of the design fails of the Apple Watch as I show you how to access Glances.

The Power of Brand and the Brand Power of BMW

Why do people pay extra, a lot extra, for brand name cars? How did BMW capture my loyalty and unlock some branding DNA that I now associate with MY car?