Dear Graduate – a Toolkit for Learners and Job Hunters

So, take heart, you can go from what ever degree you just earned and get into communications and it will help every presentation, every email, every contract you have to write from here on out. AND if you are so inclined, Social Media is pretty much based on writing. If you can WRITE, and write well, you have a head start over everyone else, regardless of your degree or desired specialty.

It’s Not ADD Mom, It’s Attention Deficit Trait – I’m Learning To Be This Way

I’d say we are learning and trying to become better and this micro-switching, multi-threading process that is quite inefficient. I have been trying to achieve better focus by shutting down Twitter and Facebook and email when I am trying to write. IM is like the ultimate distraction, and Twitter is just like IM with lots of folks. So, if you want to get something done, TURN IT ALL OFF.