Reconsidering the Purpose of my Apple Watch

So I’ve been a bit disillusioned of my 38mm Apple Watch lately. (I’d Sell My Apple Watch, But… I’m Still Dreaming of a Killer App) This morning after writing the scathing review of the LINK I had a slight epiphany. I loved playing with the Apple Watch faces. And while the palette is somewhat limited, you […]

I’d Sell My Apple Watch, But… I’m Still Dreaming of a Killer App

I know what the killer app will be on my Apple Watch. Heck, Apple has gotten half-way there with the Fitness app. But it’s not quite right. Here’s what I think the killer app would be with this first rev of the Apple Watch. (I have the 38mm sport version.) The real training app for […]

Apple Watch Sport Edition vs Nike Fuelband

UPDATE: Okay, I’m offering my Apple Watch to my kids these days. Not in anticipation of the new version that is supposed to come out in the next week, but because I’ve gone back to the $40 fuel band. Why? Charge lasts weeks It displays time and fitness goals The Nike app to track fitness […]

Apple Music Auto-Renewal Is About to Cost you 10 Bucks

I’m an early adopter. My Apple Music subscription just rolled over and paid itself, because I forgot to turn OFF auto pay. Here’s how to turn it off before you get charged for it. Open iTunes Choose View Account from the Store menu Go to the bottom of your account page to Settings Click on […]

Apple Watch as Fitness Tracker: How Does It Stack Up?

A fitness tracker of some sort has been part of my watch-wear for several years now. I lost my first Fitbit in an airport security check, but I loved my Nike Fuelband. There *is* motivation in knowing that your steps were being counted. I didn’t really use the “social” aspects, but I did like the […]

Watch Watch We Love Our Apple Watch

I have not come close to putting my Apple Watch through its paces. I’ve got a long review of the fitness and activity apps, but it’s a few more days coming. There are a few things I’d really like to share, however, that might fill in some gaps about what you’ve heard. Battery Life It’s […]

Apple Watch Review: My 30-days as Dick Tracy

Let’s see how the Apple Watch has become more than a watch in my first 30-days with it.

My Dumb Apple Watch: A Pet Peeve

Apple’s insistence on being innovative over practical is a Apple Watch Killer. I am surrounded by iPhones and lightning chargers with no way to charge my Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: Reboot Day One; Starting Over

The watch is a new platform, like the iPhone and the iPad before it. Everything is changing in the mobile space with the development and adoption of this new device.

Watchlandia App: The “Siri, WTF Is Wrong w My Apple Watch?” App Announced

Using the powerful interface of SIRI(tm) you can now ask your Apple Watch questions like:

What the fuck? Why is my watch showing Cupertino time?
Heart rate monitor? WTF?