Android Phone DAY ONE: Why is the Task Killer the Most Important Android App?

Tonight I have made a total of 1 calls on my new Transform. I have spent a couple of hours looking at blogs about Android setups, and Android Critical Apps. I am still somewhat optimistic that my new phone and I will make peace and I will be a shining example of the techie that shows off his well-apportioned Android phone and says, “It’s great. I love it.” I mean the dang phone, if I get it working and not dying every two hours, does have a keyboard and a touchscreen. And the best of both worlds has to be better than typing on the iPhone with predictive spelling on.

“It’s Today, It’s Today, It’s Today!” Apple iPad’s Around the US Are Ready for UnBoxing

This morning, 7AM, my son quietly got on top of me and suggested we leave the beach in the dark so we would be closer to the Apple store when everyone woke up. As we discussed his plan I told him about my dream of being in line for the iPad and never actually getting it. His dream, he said, involved a triacorn (three-horned unicorn) and a singing iPad. So we’re leaving Port Aransas at 7:20 for the long haul back to Austin and “our” iPad.