I like that I’m watching Conan O’Brien on Mashable. Something about that feels right, feels social media, feels current.

60 Minutes Interview with Conan O'Brien

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The beard, the guitar and Andy Richter. Yes, I think he’ll come storming back for some wacky humor. Not always my favorite, but let’s get this out there too, I CAN’T STAND LENO. Never have, never will. Except for his Tesla, now that’s cool. But Conan shows himself to be a class act. His final days of broadcasts were some of the funniest late night I remember. And closing out with Will Ferrell doing his cowbell act on Free Bird, was a climax of unexpected joy.

This is a good look at Conan’s afterlife. What he’s been doing, what he’s been thinking, how his wife took it right beside him.

I look forward to the return on cable of the man with the shocking red hair and the sometimes extremely funny skits. His spirit shows through in this interview. I doubt we will ever hear the honest story from the other guys.

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The Conan O’Brien 60 Minutes Interview via Mashable.

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