What do you notice about all of these “People You May Know” recommendations from Facebook?

  1. Almost none of them have ANY mutual connections. (Okay, Facebook, please explain yourself.)
  2. They are all pretty white women. (Hmm. Do you think Facebook knows I’m single?)
  3. They are all fake accounts. (Go look, see how many friends they have, or how long they’ve been Facebooking.)

So what is Facebook doing? Are they gaming themselves just to keep us on the site? Are they trying to make Facebook an online dating site? Do they think by adding a bunch of cute women to my newsfeed that I will become more engaged? Or is it distracted?

Dear Facebook, when you recommend someone for me to “friend” please make sure we have at least a couple of mutual friends. And take a note from LinkedIn, they do the “who you may know” right.

Yes, dear Facebook users it’s all a game. Facebook makes money by how many ads they can show you. If you stay on the site, return to the site, or noodle around looking at the profiles of pretty young women, Facebook makes their money.

I’m using Facebook today as it was meant to be used. Since only 2% of my friends see my posts anymore, I’m posting like mad. Facebook is a marketing platform for Facebook, so… It’s also a marketing platform for me and my several business-like endeavors.

How do you use Facebook today? Do you keep a small number of friends?

Take Care Out There,

John McElhenney – let’s connect online
@jmacofearthGoogle+ & Facebook & LinkedIn

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