My son made an astute observation this Saturday when we left Barnes and Noble. “You always buy a lot of books, Dad.”

“Not always,” I responded. (I was surprised that my total for the stack above was over $100.)

“Pretty much. And the longer we stay the more money you spend.” He was very satisfied with his observation and was giving me a crossed arm sideways look. Like — Gotcha!

The above stack of purchases shows a bit of my current mind, a slice of things I’m interested in – even on the weekends – and a touchpoint for this Saturday with my son. So let’s see what we have in the old cranium. (I have not read all of the books above, in fact I read Henry Miller on my iPad last night.)

  1. One Hundred Stretches – pretty self explanitory. New job, more hours at a workstation, need to stretch more frequently, a desk reference.
  2. The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, Feynman – a book of one of the most amazing scientific minds and his smaller complete thoughts.
  3. Everyone Communicates Few Connect – John C. Maxwell is one of our great business communicators, now he’s talkin social.
  4. Performance Marketing with Google Analytics – anything to get GA under control, so many metrics so few actionable items.
  5. Moleskine – getting a larger one, with grid paper. Almost out in my current one and wanted more room for mind mapping.

So, if I could just read everything I buy and absorb 20% of the wisdom I’d be a wise man. I’m working on it.

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