“Wake up, you’re gonna sleep your life away!”

The Early Bird Strategy


It started when I had young kids. I would work late into the night to try and get my creative work done. But the dividends often didn’t pay off as a drag-assed through the next day. Cause, we’ve still gotta work, no matter how great the inspiration was/is.

Then I started getting up at 6am. On weekdays this usually gave me about an hour of creative time, before I had to start rustling the family and making breakfast. The cool part, was I was always WIDE AWAKE as I was bringing them back into consciousness. I had my wits and plans about me. And for the most part, I had part of my creative drive taken care of for the day.

Then I read something about reducing stress by getting enough sleep. (Oh, and health and weight loss go along with that idea, as well.) So there went the LATE LATE night plan. And the other part of the sleep patterns concept was, Get Up At The Same Time EVERYDAY. UG. That was a bit harder to manage. Except when I got into the rhythm of doing it, I wouldn’t give up my MORNING time for anything.

So on Saturday’s and Sundays I often have 2 or 3 hours before the kids or other obligations begin to rub their eyes and ask, “What’s for breakfast.”

And on a day like today, when I went to two business networking events rather than finishing up my “work,” I am able to get up even a bit earlier, and put in 3 solid hours of work before most people’s alarms go off. It gives me a lot of flexibility, knowing I have from 6 – 8 to focus without calls or emails.

The business day starts between 8 – 9 am. Grab a few hours of creative or hyper-focused work time by getting to it at 6am. Your productivity will soar, AND the best part, you can be more flexible with the rest of your work schedule. You always have the morning time.

Time to rise and shine. And if you’ve got a GTD process, this can kick it into high gear. Get it done.

As we said at a previous company, “Business is war. This is not a cooperative pitch. We’re prepared to kill for this business.” And so, if I get up everyday at 6am and you get up at 8:00. How many more hours per week does that give me to work my evil plans while you’re still in bed?

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