I enjoy a good conversation on Facebook. And some of the most fun (if you can keep them civil) are political and religious discussions. And in today’s climate, I often lean-into rather than away from asking questions when I see something that’s… Well, let’s say… A bit against my politics. So I was strolling (not trolling) around Facebook and I wanted to ask a friend about his rental property near the Texas coast.

Under the banner of “Capitalism” (is this Russian fake news, I wonder) we have this lovely Stormy response bringing out Clinton as the example of bad behavior. Um, do the Trump folks even watch the news or the allegations against him? (Obviously not.)

Anyway, I took the opportunity to plant a seed of dissent in this thread on my friend’s page.

I’m not sure my “friend’s friend” (and also a high school colleague) is really clear on the meaning of the word oxymoron, but it’s got “moron” in the word so she’s going with that one.

I could not even begin to respond to her Trumpette speech. But she sure covers all the bases. As if she were working from Fox News talking points. I don’t think she is, nor do I think she’s a Russian spy. I went to school with her sister. So I went and took a look at some of her beliefs on Facebook. What is she promoting to the world? I’m actually trying to listen right now, so stand by with the snark. Here are two of her truths.

You keep using that word. I’m not sure you know what the meaning of that word is.

Yes, and this woman is hoppin mad about a lot of the advertisers who pulled their shows from Laura Ingraham’s show. Why? Um, because Laura Ingraham is being scapegoated? Because Laura Ingraham represents exactly what this woman, let’s call her Nancy, believes?

Here’s a comment below the Nutrish post from our “2nd-tier friend.”

Wayfair is the other company that pulled their ads. I have been a good customer, they were very receptive to my call and to the fact I won’t purchase from them anymore. I have been a good customer.

I can’t see anything about my friend’s friend. She’s set her profile to private. But she made these posts public, I can only assume, so her like-minded friends would repost them. And they did.

There is really no dialogue that can happen at this level. The hierarchy of a good argument doesn’t apply here. And when you go back to the top of this post and look at the Stormy Daniels hit they are pushing out to quiet the uproar about Trumps “known and proven” indiscretions… Well, coming out about infidelity while supporting Trump seems like a perfect example of people seeing only what they want to see. Preaching conservative values and supporting a spiritual monster.

Trump Values < that, my dear Trump-friendly friends, is an OXYMORON.

I welcome the dialogue about the administration and the #resistance to the evil he is launching into the world. (Yes, I believe some of what Trump is doing is aligned with the dark side of humanity.) Speak up, friends and countrymen, or forever hold your peace.

The Bottom Line: Nancy has a right to her own opinions and crusades to support her white upper-middle-class agenda. Guns, Tax breaks for the rich (i’m assuming she’s benefiting from the gross tax robbery of 2018), and the amazing economic recovery completely orchestrated and championed by Donald Trump. She is just a person. She has a family, she has a job, she works hard. And I don’t hate Nancy. I’d like to understand more about how she sees pushing against Stormy Daniels with bullshit about Bill Clinton as a useful discussion tactic. It’s not, it’s obfuscation. They want to push so much crap into the news stream that we forget our president is a crook, a felon, and is about to go down as the worst president in history. (Oh, am I wearing my colors on my sleeve too brightly?)

I don’t have a problem with Nancy as a person. I have a problem with her entitled ignorance of what is going on for the non-1%ers in the world. They don’t seem to see them, recognize them as humans, nor care about their fate, healthcare, taxes, employment, wages. Yes, things are going strong in our economy, but I’m afraid our commander-in-tweet has done less to help that that my distant friend knows. She doesn’t care to know and that’s her choice. She can now tune into Laura Ingraham radio and get her ideas stroked and stoked. And then she can spew her personal propaganda towards others. That’s what Facebook is all about. Let’s be open and honest. Tell us how you really feel.

I wish Nancy and her like-minded crowd the best. I disagree with them with a passion. But they are welcome to harbor their own “truths” and conspiracies. And they are free to watch Fox News, Fox and Friends, and Hannity.


+++ Update 4-25-18 +++

And the fire rages on in the Facebook post with Nancy.

She’s made slurs at me for not using her real name. (grin) One of her recent blurbs:

However, if you want to spend your time talking about me, you can also call me, Melania.

+++ Update 4-27-18 +++

Dear Nancy flew the coop on this conversation the minute it turned to “what have you done in the world,” Nancy? She didn’t have a LinkedIn profile. Um… What does that say about her “experience” of being a working person? Yeah, that’s what I thought. She vanished.

Be careful out there, and practice safehex.

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A note about Laura Ingraham: She is a regular Contributor on the Fox News Channel; appearances include Special Report, Fox & Friends, Hannity. Go give her a listen and see if she is a spokesperson for your values and someone we need to stand up for since the advertisers are leaving her show in light of recent controversies.

Laura Ingraham used her radio show on Monday to attack the advertisers who ditched her Fox News program after she mocked David Hogg, one of the teen survivors of the Feb. 14 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Ingram source:  Laura Ingraham slams advertisers who fled her show: ‘They all gave in to the mob’ – AOL News

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Disclaimer: this post has no business being on my blog about marketing and digital lifestyle trends. But I cannot stay quiet. I apologize to those I will offend with my rant. But I’d love to have a conversation about it, before you leave or get pissed off. I promise I won’t call you any names, ever.

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