What’s the scam? (Karen James is not a real person, nor is Karen James her real name.)

Okay, so when this girl came out of the woodwork and started flirting with me on Facebook today I was thrilled and alarmed at the same time. What’s the scam? What is she after?

I tried Googling some of the images, thinking she was someone famous who’s identity I could unravel. But these pictures seemed unique. And did I mention she was really flirty in Messenger and … Well, I knew enough to know something was up from the beginning. But she/he/they were persistent. She tracked me throughout the day. She kept pinging me on Facebook. “I’m sorry, Love, I just took a nap. Are you still up for some fun?”

Well, sure I am darling.

Um, yeah, a RT ticket from Birmingham to Austin is $849. So I suggested we round up to $1,000. I mean, with a rich guy like me, money was no object. And besides, she was sooooo cute. But after a while her “process” got a bit tedious so I cut to the chase.

Um, what could she say to that?

And you know I wanted her here.

And that was the end of her deal with me.

And with that I reported her to the authorities. Sorry Karen James, you were fun and I hope you get the iTunes gift cards you need.

And this is what my friend requests look like. What’s wrong with this picture.

So, if you don’t know the girl and she doesn’t have any friends. You might think twice about friending her, and definitely, don’t send her any iTunes gift card photos. She was going to report the serial #s as lost or stolen and use the receipt to get a refund of $1,000 cash from Walmart. Pretty good scam, right?

So tonight I took down a Facebook sexting iTunes scammer. I’m sad she wasn’t real, but I’m happy she won’t scam any of my less suspicious rich-boys online.

Take Care Out There,

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and the part of my Facebook plan that got me into trouble in the first place

UPDATE 4.13 Pie Day. It’s still happening. And FACEBOOK could fix this easily.

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