Facebook is fun. It’s addictive. It’s designed to be addictive. The more Facebook can keep you on Facebook the more ads they are able to serve up to your account and your friend’s accounts. But Facebook is killing your productivity. Take a break from Facebook for the day and see how much more you get done.

Here’s my trick, every time I want to open Facebook, I simply open LinkedIn instead. An easy trick, but you’d be surprised how beneficial this idea can be. One platform is for advertising to you. One platform is for connecting with others in your professional network. Sure, LinkedIn looks a lot like Facebook since Microsoft acquired them, but don’t let the appearance fool you.

LinkedIn Provides:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Cutting Edge, Best Practice Articles
  • Expanding Your Network
  • Become a Thought Leader on LinkedIn
  • Show Up on LinkedIn by Commenting and Posting
  • The LinkedIn Publishing System Is Fine if you Don’t Already Have a Blog

Facebook Provides:

  • Harvey Pictures and Calls to Action
  • Trump News
  • Random Thoughts From Friends
  • Networking to 5% of your Friends
  • Advertising Saturation that Pollutes Your Input Stream

I like to keep my INPUT as pure as possible. What I noticed about using Facebook during the day, was I kept thinking about some of the issues and ideas presented in Facebook. None of them had anything to do with forwarding my agenda or business goals. By turning off Facebook during the day, I also found myself having moments of peace and calm. Rather than filling every available second with some other social signal, I sat and breathed for a bit. If you are addicted to your phone, see how much of it is Facebook by turning FB off. Heck, I even deleted the FB app so I wouldn’t have it as a “boredom reflex” option.

As humans we hate to be alone. We hate to be bored. So we stare at our network of connections on Facebook. It seems like it’s connective but it’s really not. The news and ads you are hammered with are doing more damage to your present-time thinking more than you can imagine. Just try it, turn it off, and see where your mind goes. So much time opens up. Write something. Finish that project. Remember that thing you can’t seem to get done and do it.

You don’t need to kill Facebook, just put it back in it’s cage when you’re trying to get the work or play of your day done.

John McEhenney

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

A few of the networks you will find me on:

  • linkedin – the professional networking and contacts social site
  • twitter – the firehose of sharing (mostly social media, funny, and odd political)
  • facebook – recently launched uber.la facebook page
  • google+ – gathering all that’s googled in one place
  • pinterest – what started as fashion sharing is rapidly becoming the visual delicious
  • my Amazon Author’s Page: John Oakley McElhenney
  • my about.me/jmacofearth page < way more connections then you’ll ever need about me
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