iphone, ipod touch, blackberry, iphone vs blackberryRecently I was given the opportunity to switch from BlackBerry to iPhone for my new company communication device. So, being a tried and true Mac fan, I was seriously jonesin for an iPhone. Imagining a 16 gig 3g paid for by someone other than me… Well, I had a lot to consider.

My son is the first iPhone owner in our family, or really he has an iPod Touch, essentially an iPhone without the phone part. When in our house, connected to our wifi network, he can do anything an iPhone can do other than make phone calls. So since November I have been playing with his Touch and really loving the interface, the big bright screen, the intuitive apps, the thousands of apps that can do everything and nothing really well.

I am officially addicted to two iPhone games. The first one doodle jump was my first experience with iPhone gaming. And the first time I got the Touch off my son I played for at least an hour, a bit embarrassed about it, but not stopping for anything. My second favorite game is Cartoon Wars. My wife woke up one night at well past midnight to find me still giggling and playing Cartoon Wars.

And then, my current phone, a BlackBerry Curve 8900 is no shabby system. Nothing as entertaining as the Touch, but quite sufficient. And my new company has a BB Enterprise server. So I went to San Francisco last week, still uncertain which way I would choose.

And then I noticed, during a hellacious flight sequence to San Francisco and the 5 onboarding/offloading times,  that the ratio of BBs to iPhones in First Class was about 10-to-1.  So in the main cabin the iPhones were all over the place, but in the affluent class the BB ruled. Was I missing something?

Once I got to San Francisco and chatted with the IT guy about getting my BlackBerry hooked to the Enterprise Server I was on my way to making the decision. And then, even before I had company email on the system, I was walking down the street typing in a TXT to my wife with one hand when I GOT IT.

iphone, ipod touch, blackberry, iphone vs blackberry, blackberry 8900Typing on an iPhone is terrible. Predictive typing, if required for accurate communications is terrible. Sure, you can make due. My previous BlackBerry Pearl was a fine phone, and with only two characters per key the predictive spelling was very good at correcting my typing. But sometimes, I could not get it to type what I wanted, EVER. I don’t remember what the word was, but I couldn’t get the predictive spelling not to predict, wrongly, the word I was trying to spell.

So on the BlackBerry, my one-handed typing is very accurate. And when I type an odd word, or someone’s unusual name, I don’t have to fight with the predictive gods to make my message clear. And thus I am sitting in the economy cabin typing on my BlackBerry and not playing doodle jump on a new iPhone. I can always use my son’s Touch for that.

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