22 Responses to Making Sense of the Absurd Amount of Data We Must Filter: Existential Social Networking

  1. Hadn’t heard of it (or maybe just vaguely heard of it)…looks useful!  Thanks!

  2. jmacofearth says:

    “information overload/filter failure” yes, I think we’ve got to filter better. have you checked out alltop.com, I like their topic boards. curated leadership

  3. Hi John – Great post.  I’ve noticed the same problem of information overload/filter failure, yet this is a topic that does not seem to get a lot of attention IMO.  It seems that the new Google Plus Your World is an attempt to address a similar issue.  Plus, I’ve noticed a general shift towards curated content.  Do you have any recommendations or comments about other good sites or apps that are helping address the overload problem?

  4. jmacofearth says:

    Will do. Thanks again.

  5. SanjayShetty says:

    Out here or on g plus or my blog or mail me at my last name @ hotmail thanks. Looking forward to interesting conversations

  6. jmacofearth says:

    Thanks Sanjay. Let me look at the IBM CMO study and get back to you. Where should I reply?

  7. SanjayShetty says:

    Hi John,

    Totally love the image you’ve drawn out here, sums the issue nicely.

    IBM recently highlighted 4 key challenges faced by CMO’s in their interviews with 1,734 CMOs across 64 countries: Data Explosion, Social Media, Proliferation of Channels and Devices and Shifting Consumer Demographics. So getting back to your point out here, one needs to be able to filter thru the sea of data, it’s definitely challenging for everyone.

    I’ve visualized these challenges and their key suggestions out here: Visually Explained: IBM Global CMO Study 2011 at http://bit.ly/IBMCMOVisual #IBMCMOSTUDY

    What you think about their suggestions? Would be great to hear your thoughts.


    Sanjay Shetty

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