It’s easy to know when you are losing weight or getting more fit. Your clothes begin to feel loose. People may begin to ask about your fitness. “You look great,” might become a refrain you hear from friends. It’s a great moment. It’s also a temptation for me to celebrate with some unconscious eating.

This week we had my mom over for dinner. And of course we needed dessert. I got one thing I didn’t want and one thing I did. Turns out my guests ate the Oreo ice cream sandwiches but left the Heath Klondike bars. Guess who ate every. single. one of them? (frown)

Okay, so we get back up, we keep going. We thank people for the complements, but we don’t give our body-mind connection to go soft. I knew what I was doing when I bought the Klondikes. I was buying something I wanted. I was giving myself a treat. Not an issue, but not the beginning of a pattern either.

Back to the normal fitness and health improvement regimen.

So it’s been over 6 months since I added my love-interest and training-partner. And I can say my clothes are fitting better. I’m thinking of getting a new pair of jeans, that fits tighter. I like who I’m looking without a shirt, more and more. As a goal, I am moving gracefully into a healthier lifestyle and ongoing exercise program with the support and love of another person who’s already mastered their own eating-running lifestyle.

I’m even starting to run myself. Even when I don’t want to (I’d rather walk) I’m doing 1/3 runs on my walks. I’m getting ready to restart my competitive tennis activities. Right in the heat of the Summer. Oh boy. But right there beside me, is my partner and enthusiast, giving me ideas, asking me “what are you going to do today.” And she’s talking about getting in my workout.

It’s great if you can find someone to partner with. It’s really fine if they become life partners, and you begin cooking together, running together, and supporting each other in your healthier and healthier lifestyle.

Now comes the accounting.

I need to weigh in. Not that weight is my uber-goal, fitness and health is, but I have begun avoiding it. I don’t really want to know HOW MUCH I’ve lost. I’d rather keep it in the abstract and imagine. But I do want to know.

When we started I was at 240+. And that amazed me. I’d love to shoot for 200 even at some point. I know I’m not there. I know I feel and look better. But I don’t know how much better. I don’t have a measurement on my fitness level.  I know I can walk up the bigass hill much more easily. I know that my overall energy is much better. And I know a lot of this enthusiasm and joy has to do with my workout program and my joyful partner.

But how much?


Tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. (Really.)

Take the next step,

John McElhenney

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