screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-2-44-21-amIt’s official. I have given my Apple Watch to my 13 yo daughter. She’ll get more pleasure out of it than me. And the overnight charging aspect doesn’t bother her at all. And the new Apple watches are about to start shipping and I’m considering buying one for the purpose of reviewing it, but frankly I no longer crave the bleeding edge device you strap on to your wrist.

My Apple Watch gripes:

  1. Overnight charging. (I can’t check the time on my watch during the night. “Is it time to wake up and make coffee yet?)
  2. No breakout functionality.
  3. My phone does a damn good #fitbit imitation.
  4. The watch faces are too limited. (Apple needs to open up a watch face designer.)
  5. Anything my Apple Watch can do my phone already does.
  6. I love my Nike Fuelband. (And because they are discontinued they are about $40 on craigslist.)
  7. The Dick Tracy phone function is lacking.
  8. There’s no spy camera on the Apple Watch.
  9. The design was too thick (version 1.0) and to “watch like.”

What I love(d) about my Apple Watch:

  1. Cutting edge.
  2. Community when seeing and chatting with other Apple Watch users.
  3. Showing off my geek.
  4. The “next appointment” showing on my watch face at every glance. (Never missed a meeting wearing my Apple Watch.
  5. Great adjustable watch band.

2nd Generation Apple Watch

Looks like the new Apple Watch is going to be a success too. It’s killer feature is built in GPS so the watch can do a better #fitbit imitation without needing your phone to be in proximity. The new thinner design looks interesting, but the face is now even more bulky. The women’s size still felt chunky on my wrist.

I’ll wait and see if I’m compelled to purchase an Apple Watch 2.0. At the moment it would only be to write the official Uber.la review. And that’s not enough motivation… Yet.

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