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I know what the killer app will be on my Apple Watch. Heck, Apple has gotten half-way there with the Fitness app. But it’s not quite right. Here’s what I think the killer app would be with this first rev of the Apple Watch. (I have the 38mm sport version.)

The real training app for your Apple Watch would

  • Shows real-time heart rate while exercising.
  • Have a great webpage interface for diving into the deep data. (Does some analytics for you.)
  • Would make recommendations on how to improve your workouts.
  • Not only promotes standing during the day, but suggests you walk up a few extra flights of stairs.
  • Have a better celebration graphics when you hit the goal.
  • Have a cooler watch face to show fitness/workout date AND time.

Today the Apple Watch has NOT lived up to some of my expectations. It’s a fine watch. It’s a fine text responder. It’s good at letting me ask Siri questions without having to pull my phone out of my pocket. BUT, it’s not essential. If I have an iPhone (and any Apple Watch user would) then the only really added feature is the Heart Rate monitor.

I want more control over how the heart rate monitor reads my data. (frequency, exports, visual display on a website where I have a big screen, integration)

And the money is ready for a newcomer to build the PAID training app, that could coach and encourage me in a way that Apple is not likely to figure out. Apple designs hardware and some pretty cool software. But the vertical uses of the iPhone were not built by Apple. Until Apple really licenses the Watch OS and allows other manufacturers to build hardware with the Apple Watch technology, we’re likely to see a V2 Apple Watch that looks a lot like today’s Apple Watch. Thinner, faster, with better battery life, might work for phones, but to get us V1 folks to invest in a V2 watch, Apple is going to have to think different.

Oh, and release the Watch Face developer kits. Let us fanatics get in there and build cooler designs. Apple has an army of designers, but nothing compared to the designers in the world (building cars, and buildings, and ux/ui designs) who might jump on the chance to build their own watch face. And if Apple would let me buy them for 0.99 they might have another market all together.

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