Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.31.49 AMStudy: Learning Spanish With Duolingo Can Be More Effective Than College Classes Or Rosetta Stone (Tech Crunch)
To see how its program performed, the language learning service Duolingo, founded by CAPTCHA inventor Luis von Ahn, commissioned a study (download the PDF) into the effectiveness of its program. The result, which even surprised von Ahn: it only takes a Duolingo user 34 hours to learn the equivalent of a first college semester’s worth of Spanish.

WORDPRESS: Building an “Archives” page with Simple PHP (Daily Blog Tips)
Such HTML sitemap is beneficial both for search engines and human visitors. Search engines benefit from it because it becomes easy to crawl all the content of the website. Human visitors, similarly, become able to quickly look for a post that was published on a particular month/day/year. On top of that there’s an SEO benefit, as your link juice will spread evenly across all pages.

100 Free Mini-Moo Cards (from PeerIndex Perks)
I think this link will work even if you’re not me. Try it and let me know. The URL looks free of tracking data linking to my account. Go for it. These cards are soooooo cool.

JUST FOR FUN: Don’t Download Temple Run 2 (Lamarr Wilson)

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Help! I’ve got Windows 8 and I miss my Start menu! (ARS Technica)
The Windows 8 user interface has many Windows users divided. The chief complaints are that Windows 8 has no Start button and that it has no Start menu, only the (full-screen, Metro-styled) Start screen. [Comment: This has driven me crazy. Just installed WIN 8 on a Virtual machine and can’t launch an app I just installed. WTF?]

Social Networking Stats: Instagram Has 90 Million Active Monthly Users, #RLTM Scoreboard

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TrendSpottr: Tracks Twitter Trends: Checking on Last Night’s Lance Armstrong Debacle

TrendSpottr Offers Alerts of Pre-Viral Trends (CMS Wire)
Trendspottr CEO Mark Zohar said that his company serves as “an early warning system for global enterprises, marketers, PR agencies, governments, financial institutions and consumers,” so that they can “get ahead of the curve” in their digital marketing, strategy and positioning decisions.

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The Future of Search is Powered by Recommendations: Facebook’s Graph Search (Zocalo Group)
In addition to social searches, Facebook will continue their ongoing relationship with Bing to offer web search as an added layer in the results.  Facebook has been collecting many different pieces of information about you and your friends and now there’s an easy way to sift through it and answer your questions looking through the unique lens of your peers. [Comment: Yeah, so how do we REMOVE the filters all together so we can use our brains to filter for ourselves?]

6 Surefire Ways to Get Business Referrals (Small Business Trends)
Word has it that 66% of all sales are through word of mouth, but only 18% of sales representatives and companies have a formalized process for business referrals.

With All Eyes on Manti Te’o Hoax Story, Deadspin Doesn’t Immediately Cash In (Advertising Age)
Deadspin’s blockbuster article revealing that the girlfriend of star Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o never existed eclipsed 3.5 million views Thursday evening. But at least in the short term, Deadspin parent company Gawker Media is not cashing in on all those eyeballs.

Major U.S. Brands and Social Media [Infographic on Social Media Today]

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Most people don’t really enjoy being mean; they do it because they can’t help it. (from Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement)

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