“So learn to write, learn to express yourself creatively. Then get passionate!”

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Question on LinkedIN: What was your major in college and how relevant is it to what you are doing today?

I can’t tell you how many folks I have crossed throughout my career in online media who had degrees that had ZERO to do with Advertising, Marketing or Communications. Actually that’s a pretty silly way of expressing it, because of course I am going to try and tell you. About 75% of my colleagues have degrees in History, Government, English, Latin American Studies and more general Liberal Arts degrees.

My degree was in English Lit. And I would say Liberal Arts degrees are held by some of the most successful creative/strategy folks I have worked with.

So learn to write, learn to express yourself creatively. Then get passionate!

Passion is not about your degree. Your degree is your expertise or subject matter knowledge, but your degree will not teach you how to write. And the only caution to marketing/communication/advertising degree folks: don’t lose sight of the writing and research process. The mechanics of marketing can be learned quickly by smart people. Writing and creativity are the key skills you can hone in college regardless of what degree you pursue.

Buy, by all means, get a degree! And then pursue something you are passionate about. What keeps you up at night and wakes you up early in the morning with a source of energy that is generated from within. On those mornings, like this morning, I still make coffee but I don’t drink but a few sips. Eureka!

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“Is there any poetic writing?”

Poetry=Prose +a +b +c
Prose=Poetry -a -b -c

One may effect a different dosage in manner of speech, according to the social occasion: here, prose or rhetoric, there poetry or precosity…”

Just for fun, you can now get the above quote on a t-shirt for $12.99.

poetry=prose t-shirt

poetry=prose t-shirt

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