Happiness is all about perspective and outlook for the future.

A UCLA study revealed that two distinct groups of people who experienced life changing events, one bad (the death of a loved one) and one good (winning a huge sum of money in the lottery), returned to their relative measure of happiness within one year of the event.

The grumpy folks who won the lottery and were set for life were still grumpy. And the happy folks, even after suffering a great loss were relatively happy after one year.

Hard to believe perhaps, but it makes sense. And during my 40-something years on the planet, I have come across some models of centering, contemplation, recovery and joy that I feel it would be helpful to share. I am not planning a program or any type of revelation, merely an inner dialogue and revelation about some of my greatest comforts and simplest observations and lessons.

Reading and Writing
Books have always formed a huge part of my life. TV never held the sway that the library on a Saturday afternoon did. New books! And writing has come and gone throughout my education and career as a invaluable skill. Sometimes it’s poetry sometimes PowerPoint. Sometimes I am writing songs and other times I am merely sketching architectures for web sites or a new idea I am trying to get across.

  • Drawing (or visualizing and transmitting ideas)
  • Playing Music (getting into a deeper mode of transmission)
  • Playing Tennis (removing the thinker)
  • Being Dad (me, mine and my family)
  • Being Still (pausing between thoughts)
  • Being Happy (pausing to recognize the happiness, both alone and with others)
  • Being a Connector (I want you to succeed, and if I can help or connect you with someone or something)
  • Being a Seeker (can we truly imagine the grandness of god?)
  • Giving Everything Away (I want you to have this)

Books about Thinking or Happiness or the Brain

Books of Great Value in My Life

That’s enough for now, it’s time for the resting part of the equation,

John McElhenney

image: happiness, sima dimitric, creative commons usage

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