Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living by Craig Williamson

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A transformative book!

I learned more about the workings of our muscle system from 10 pages of this book than all my school days combined. An amazingly lucid book about muscle pain and what causes some of us to get stuck in a pattern. Headaches, neck aches, back aches…

The basic premise is this: Muscle pain can be caused by two things.

  1. Injury. Know how to treat and heal and injury.
  2. Patterning, or reflexive muscular tightness. This can be caused by an accident or injury, but often long after the injury is healed, or should be healed, the pain lingers on.

I have been struggling with a shoulder injury (oops from shoulder PAIN) for over a year now. I know exactly how and when it started. I have seen Chiropractors, AMA docs, massage therapists all in an attempt to alleviate the pain. But for a year, I have had limited success.

Cause: I began playing competitive tennis a year ago, after a number of years off.

Pain: After playing a couple of sets I retire and recline on ice packs for 45 minutes or so. Otherwise, I will be unable to sleep during the night from the pain and night sweats associated with the pain.

Solution: I am still working on this one. But I can say, that last week, I had little or no disorienting pain. Several things going for me. I have not played tennis for 3 weeks. I am seeing a chiropractor/accupunturist/sports injury specialist who is working me pretty hard. And I have been doing some of the exercises in this book.

More results later. All I can say, is I had to resist buying 5 copies of this book and passing them out. It’s a users manual for our muscle/nervous system.


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