5 Responses to My Little Apple Watch

  1. re admin says:

    Yeah, John, no sorry needed. You can see, if you look at the rest of my articles, it’s a dialogue I’m having about the watch. Not just your opinion or mine. It’s about living with the “watch” after all that’s all it really is.

    I expected more from my Apple Watch. I still do. That’s why most of my articles have a few ideas for what’s next both from Apple and from developers like me who might be able to fashion a game-changer with the Watch-OS. Good luck to us all.

  2. John Milker says:

    When I see something like10,000 articles complaining that the Apple Watch is not “essential”, “it hasn’t changed my life” , “I could do without it,” etc. etc. etc., I have to conclude something like a bandwagon effect going on here Apple is the new big boy that everybody loves to beat up on. Do people really think a watch was going to “change their life?”

    I understand you are writing what you feel but I’m also commenting on what I feel and what I feel is that I am so tired of these kinds of articles. Sorry.

  3. Really, click bait? Look at the rest of my Apple Watch posts. I’m just writing what I learn and feel.

  4. S Bibby says:

    You got it!

  5. John Milker says:

    Dissing the Apple Watch, the new click bait…..how tiresome.

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