I was/am excited by the new MacBook Pros. And while Touch Bar is a compelling innovation, it doesn’t really make the case for spending 40% more for a machine that does 5% more, performance-wise. Let’s run through the specs for a 15″ MBP that compares with mine. Here’s what I’ve got, a four-year old 15″ w/ Retina display.


To configure today’s MBP with a similar package, my price tag is going to be significantly higher.

Hear are the two initial offerings for the 15″ MBP.


While the first machine is closer in specs to my current MBP, but a 256GB SSD is hardly enough space to use. So if I take the slightly slower unit and bump the SSD to 500GB here’s where I end up.


That’s a wad of cash. I’m guessing my similarly outfitted 2012 MBP would be worth around $1,000 if I had a motivated buyer.

What I’d really like is a 1TB or a 2TB SSD drive. But…


And I’d love a faster CPU, but a 0.2GHz bump is not really worth $200.


Okay, so if you are in love with the touch bar and you think it’s going to change your life for the better, and if money is not an issue, go ahead, whack out a new MacBook Pro. If you’re like most of us, go find a used 2012 MBP with a good bit of ram and a retina display and you’ll be nearly there at less than half the price.

If I had the cash on hand, I’d max out this new MBP with a 2 TB SSD drive, a 2.9 i7, and I’d pay.


That, my friends, is an insane amount of money for a laptop.

The most disappointing part of the MacBook Pro announcement wasn’t my “meh” feeling about the touch bar. The worst part is how little performance improvement these machines have over my 4-year old MacBook Pro. And I think this will not be a great release for Apple. The prices will drive people to the refurb store to buy today’s MBP’s at more realistic prices. What’s happening at Intel that they can’t jump the i7 to hyperspace speed? Looks like Moore’s law has crashed into the mobile processor market in a big way, for over 4 years. Where’s the innovation in that?

John McElhenney

reference: All the disappointments from Apple’s MacBook Pro show – TNW


So… If you want a new Mac, hit Apple’s Refurb Store


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