Web Design Standards are HIGH

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* these numbers are from my site, this one, uber.la, the charts are from Gaug.es

84% browsers are NOT IE!

  • The modern browser has arrived and killed the IE stranglehold on web development.
  • Flash is on the way out with HTML 5!

92% screens are over 1024 wide!

  • The 800 pix width is dead.
  • Long live flexible-width design.

Gone are the days when we were concerned with bandwidth constrictions and color palettes. And today, with a quick survey to confirm my suspicions, most of our audience has MODERN browsers that play nice with *modern* code. (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). And the days of worrying about constricted screen width are done as well. 1024 pix wide is now the lowest common denominator for 92% of our viewers. So now, the fixed-width design begins to look a little dated.

Today’s designer gets to focus on functionality and usability now. There are fewer excuses to explain a mediocre website experience these days. Maybe when sitting at a coffee shop using shared WIFI, I occasionally get irritated with slow loading graphic-heavy pages. But the most likely explanation is the WIFI and not the designer. Let’s hope, anyway.

Open up the page and go for it. We’re waiting for the next evolutionary design. (And I hope it’s not Pinterest-cloning!) And the browser and screen width can take anything you can throw at them.

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43 Responses to New Web Design Standards: Flexible-Width and non-IE Browsers Abound

  1. jmacofearth says:

    Good point. I thought I spelled it out in the copy, but I didn’t. I have added it. Thanks again, Todd.

  2. jmacofearth says:

    Perhaps it’s not clear. The sources are MY WEBSITE. This one. Small sample. Small site example. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Todd V says:

    If you make a chart, you should cite your sources.

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