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“Do possums snore? There’s this intermittent buzz sound coming from my attic crawl space. I keep looking for my cat, but he’s not around.”

“Google is random.” MS, Feb 2010.

Snough.” — Thought is was a sneeze but it was only a cough. (Example: “Bless you dude.” Response, “Nah, save your blessings, it was only a cough.”  GK and DW, Jan 2010.

“I think your Google is as good as my Google.” (As in, do the search yourself, I don’t know the answer.)

IMFHO” — a term I submitted and was accepted into the Urban Dictionary.

“SocialMediaVirgin” — a suggested tag for a happy social media advocate, PD, Feb 2010.

“NGMCD” — next generation mobile computing device.

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