screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-9-30-44-amYou know, of course, that Google is the largest search engine in the world.

Do you know what the #2 search engine is?


And do you know why?


So with all of these companies making bank on streaming music services (Spotify, AppleMusic, Pandora) guess what YouTube’s play is? It’s called YouTube RED. No ads on videos or music, and on your smartphone it will create playlists on the fly and stream music just like Pandora or Spotify, with one added benefit: YouTube knows every music video you’ve ever played on YouTube. How’s that for mapping your music DNA?

And YouTube RED is one of the most expensive streaming services out there. That’s why you’re starting to see YouTube RED and YouTube Music advertisements on national television. There’s big business to be made in the music streaming business. Too bad it’s kills all playback royalties for everyone with a smaller audience than say The Stones or Led Zep. Ho hum.

If you want to get the bomb streaming service, get YouTube RED. (This is not a sponsored post and I receive no advertising rev share from this endorsement.) I still like Pandora for building custom stations around artists or even specific songs. Pandora is human-curated. Humans, not algorhytms categorize and build all the “sounds like” lists on Pandora. You’ll notice a much higher ratio of GREAT MUSIC on Pandora. But give RED a shot. You might find you’ll never buy another album as long as you live.

Do any of you actually buy music any more?

Oh, and you know who OWNS YouTube right? (Answer: Google.)


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