Apple Watch Review: My 30-days as Dick Tracy

Let’s see how the Apple Watch has become more than a watch in my first 30-days with it.

My Dumb Apple Watch: A Pet Peeve

Apple’s insistence on being innovative over practical is a Apple Watch Killer. I am surrounded by iPhones and lightning chargers with no way to charge my Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: Finding Glances and Crashing Apps

I’m going to show you one of the design fails of the Apple Watch as I show you how to access Glances.

Apple Watch: Reboot Day One; Starting Over

The watch is a new platform, like the iPhone and the iPad before it. Everything is changing in the mobile space with the development and adoption of this new device.

Watchlandia App: The “Siri, WTF Is Wrong w My Apple Watch?” App Announced

Using the powerful interface of SIRI(tm) you can now ask your Apple Watch questions like:

What the fuck? Why is my watch showing Cupertino time?
Heart rate monitor? WTF?