The Lightning Cables You Need

Tired of buying an endless stream of Lightning cables for you iPhone? I’ve got two¬†amazing buys that are worth a look. While I don’t endorse any product or accept any advertising on Uber.la (Thanks Google Adwords!) I do have these recommendation for replacing the worst cable design in my memory. http://amzn.to/2bMGfYH And I know what […]

Apple Watch Sport Edition vs Nike Fuelband

UPDATE: Okay, I’m offering my Apple Watch to my kids these days. Not in anticipation of the new version that is supposed to come out in the next week, but because I’ve gone back to the $40 fuel band. Why? Charge lasts weeks It displays time and fitness goals The Nike app to track fitness […]

Watch Watch We Love Our Apple Watch

I have not come close to putting my Apple Watch through its paces. I’ve got a long review of the fitness and activity apps, but it’s a few more days coming. There are a few things I’d really like to share, however, that might fill in some gaps about what you’ve heard. Battery Life It’s […]

Watchlandia App: The “Siri, WTF Is Wrong w My Apple Watch?” App Announced

Using the powerful interface of SIRI(tm) you can now ask your Apple Watch questions like:

What the fuck? Why is my watch showing Cupertino time?
Heart rate monitor? WTF?

A Watch from Apple that Looks like a Watch: Apple Watch

Okay, so the Apple Watch (not iWatch, thank you) was a bit of a bust. An amazing unknown at this point. A bit of smoke and mirrors and shipping early 2015. I love Jony Ivy and the design is spectacular, but it’s not my FuelBand(tm).