The Facebook Trap: A Black Hole of Time and Loss

Facebook is fun. It’s addictive. It’s designed to be addictive. The more Facebook can keep you on Facebook the more ads they are able to serve up to your account and your friend’s accounts. But Facebook is killing your productivity. Take a break from Facebook for the day and see how much more you get […]

Focus Yourself: Cutting Away the Distractions

Things like sleep, play, exercise, love, day dreaming are essential elements to finding your balance in life. And work, if it is not your art, can be a massive, but necessary, distraction that will keep you away from your real work. Seek out distractions like mind clutter and eliminate as many of them as you can.

Agile Leadership in the Real World & For Personal Use

Agile used to be a buzzword. Either you were IN or you were OUT when it came to understanding the “agile” model. Today, agile is still alive and well, and driving some of the most innovative development teams in the world. Of course, there’s probably an agile 2.0 model that we don’t even know about yet, but looking at a few of the agile processes can help us in any aspect of team leadership, project management, and even self-leadership.

Early Bird Attack Plan: Try GTD at the Same Time Every Day

Then I started getting up at 6am. On weekdays this usually gave me about an hour of creative time, before I had to start rustling the family and making breakfast. The cool part, was I was always WIDE AWAKE as I was bringing them back into consciousness. I had my wits and plans about me. And for the most part, I had part of my creative drive taken care of for the day.

Getting Things Done Primer – It’s All About Doing It, not THINKING About Doing It

I cannot begin to express the amount of time I have saved by doing extensive DELETIONS. And that’s a prime step in the process. So this post is about GETTING TO IT, not about THINKING ABOUT GETTING TO IT.

It’s Not ADD Mom, It’s Attention Deficit Trait – I’m Learning To Be This Way

I’d say we are learning and trying to become better and this micro-switching, multi-threading process that is quite inefficient. I have been trying to achieve better focus by shutting down Twitter and Facebook and email when I am trying to write. IM is like the ultimate distraction, and Twitter is just like IM with lots of folks. So, if you want to get something done, TURN IT ALL OFF.