The Almost Non-Review of the iPhone 7 Plus

Okay, I splurged and got the 7 Plus with 128 gigs of ram. Woohoo! And so far… I’m thinking “no big deal.” Yes, it’s a bit faster than my original 6. Yes, it’s bigger, but I’m still not sure I like the larger form factor. (It’s harder to text with one hand.) And yes, the […]

Apple iPad – “This Changes Everything” – iPad SOLD OUT for April 3 (3-31-10 v11)

Even if this visualization is not real, you know it will be here soon enough. We waited for the iPhones appearance for 2 years. And look what that has done to the market. Now come the apologists for the other manufacturers who will say, “Apple is late to the netbook game, Apple will not be a factor… ” And all I can say is goodnight and good riddance to a category that needed to be put to sleep.

Where Would You Like That Data Sir? Laptop, Netbook, iPad, iPhone, Public Library

So it’s hard to imagine at this moment, for many people how the iPad is going to matter. But doubt not the iPad as you may have doubted the iPhone in the past. Here’s why: It’s a HUGE IPHONE.

Fewer iPhones in First Class? Do They Know Something The Rest of Us Don’t?

And then I noticed, during a hellacious flight sequence to San Francisco and the 5 onboarding/offloading times, that the ratio of BBs to iPhones in First Class was about 10-to-1. So in the main cabin the iPhones were all over the place, but in the affluent class the BB ruled. Was I missing something?