The Creative Impulse: Easy to Contain, Easier to Kill

LETTER FIFTEEN It is much easier to ignore our creative impulses than to indulge in the craft of trying to bring them to life. That’s a real problem for a writer, painter, or musician. The little sparkĀ of an idea must be captured and fanned until it catches fire and becomes a story, painting, or song. […]

Pointing Your Arrow: The Artist’s Way to Happiness

LETTER FOURTEEN It’s not the success that I’ve had that gives me joy. It’s not fame or fortune that pleases my soul. For me, it’s the perfectly struck chord, the phrase that captures exactly what I’m feeling, the letters scattered across a handwritten notebook that please ME. That’s the important part to remember. It is […]

Solitude and the Artistic Temperament

Pass through the darkness. Embrace the dark nights of your soul as they have arrived to tell you something. LETTER THIRTEEN We’ve got to talk about the dark side for a moment. If you’ve got a handful of guiding artists that you look to for inspiration, you’re likely to have a few that succumbed to […]

Survive & Thrive: First Find Your Congregation Within

When the money runs out, my inspiration get’s pretty desperate. Entire creative cannons in motion and lit up begin to crumble as I doubt myself. And trying to push into the creative as an income stream, for me, has never worked. I’m not interested in being a starving artist. So one of the first struggles, […]

Letters to a Young Artist in the Digital Age

I hope you find creativity in your life. And if I can be of any help to you, let me know. I am over here in my own tunnel of life, furiously creating myself, and I will share what I can of the light for us to forge ahead.

Perseverance and Habit: This Creative Morning

Find your simple capture system for when the ideas come in inconvenient times. Then make sure you can rekindle the spirit from your capture, and that you can catalogue them and find them later, when you’re in need of inspiration.

Creative Energy: Finding and Maintaining Your Daily Juice

If you are tired you may still be able to be creative, but your output and optimism will suffer. You have got to find what works for you. And perhaps what’s working for you now, youth and hopefulness, might fade over the years and you will have to find other circuits for your “juice.”

Sing At the Top of Your Range; Creative Artist Letters

I wish you happiness, pain, and healing, and all the expressions of your art that are in between, beyond, and just ahead of you. And I wish for you to find your genius and know it. From this self-awareness you can continence to attempt the mountain top for the rest of your life. May you never stop seeking the top.