Agile Leadership in the Real World & For Personal Use

Agile used to be a buzzword. Either you were IN or you were OUT when it came to understanding the “agile” model. Today, agile is still alive and well, and driving some of the most innovative development teams in the world. Of course, there’s probably an agile 2.0 model that we don’t even know about yet, but looking at a few of the agile processes can help us in any aspect of team leadership, project management, and even self-leadership.

Career Path Template: It Is That Time of Year Again

Start a business. You can start a t-shirt business online with zero dollars using Cafe Press. You can learn more about marketing, merchandising, social media, advertising, and commerce by simply doing it. You may not make any money on your t-shirt business, but the first rule of Technology Ventures still applies, “Everyone needs a good t-shirt.” Get good at t-shirts. Get good at online. Get good at expressing your ideas and communicating that “message” to others. (It will be a fantastic resume discussion point.)

Creating Passionate Teams – Encouraging Smart People to Want to Contribute or NOT.

If you do not ask your people on a regular basis, “How can I help you kick ass,” you are missing a big opportunity for growth. Growth in the relationship between you and the team member. And potentially, if the process is followed through with focused and deliberate action, you can inspire people to do great work.